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Member: U.F.D.C. - United Federation of Doll Clubs

 Founded in 1994, A Century of Dolls, Inc.  continues to build upon its past reputation of selling the most collectible quality crafted dolls and teddy bears. We  have always specialized in selling some of the best and most desirable  antique dolls in the world.  In addition we also represent American European and Canadian Doll and Teddy Bear artists. 

     It is in the best interest of the serious collector that they  work with  dealers that have the unique knowledge and understanding of the entire doll world. We at A Century  can help  guide  the collector to the best doll and teddy bear artists that have the  longest track record of producing quality workmanship. We do not just sell you a doll or a bear we offer valuable knowledge and guidance concerning the dolls and bears that will be of collectible value to you and your grandchildren in the future.

   For this reason  we have made the decision to forgo the purchase of mass marketed product that is produced in countries where there are human rights abuses  and violations to the workers in the production of the product.  This will no doubt  lead to the greater recognition of the craftsmanship of traditional contemporary  artists.  At A Century of Dolls, Inc. we have the knowledge with a  historical basis  to help the serious collector decide on the best workmanship that is available in the doll and teddy bear world.

      Our Teddy Bear selection includes some of the most desirable Teddy Bear Artists in the world and of course who does not know Steiff. Our massive selection  and inventory of quality Steiff is one of the largest on the Internet.

   Our selection of One of A Kind Artist Dolls and Figural Art Sculptures is a unique experience for any collector on any level. Remember we can always email you larger photographs  of these amazing art works or you can make a personal appointment to view these in person.  

    In addition we will continue to sell doll accessories from  antique to modern. There are shoes stands clothes mannequins etc. Look at some of our unique antique doll clothes offerings in the Doll Accessory Boutique.

     Our gallery and gift items are guaranteed to be some of the most unique products that are available in the marketplace today.  Check out our Unique Handcrafted Gifts selection  with many hand crafted items; from custom hand designed jewelry, cards, glassware and other doll related Victoriana Gifts and Ornaments.

    Looking for Doll Houses and Miniatures then look no further our selection is huge with both European collectible doll house dolls and  products and play line priced doll house miniatures for children. 

  As always you can count on us for offering and selling the best that the Antique, Composition and Modern world of dolls has to offer. Within the Antique Vintage Doll  category you will find some of the rarest and most desirable dolls in the world.  In Decades of Dolls you will find all sorts of dolls from 1930-1980. Remember we can always find that special doll you want for  yourself or a loved one. We will go out of our way to locate hard to find dolls for you. Send us your wish list. We can also make an appointment to have a personal showing of artist or antique dolls that you are interested in.  

       We are so glad that you have chosen to stop by our web site.   


                      IT IS NOT JUST ANOTHER DOLL

                                     IT IS AN HEIRLOOM.

You may call our toll free number 1800 9 0dolls (36557)

Or our fax  and phone 631 244-6142 number 

 We are happy to take the time to discuss any purchase on the telephone.  

 History and Growth of Doll Collecting

Since the early 1950's, doll collecting has been building steadily. Most people think of dolls as cute, and indeed many of them are, but dolls are more than just beautiful collectibles. Dolls show us history, evolution, and ethnic dress. They represent the culture and events of our times, both current and the past. Comparison of an early 1950's china head doll and the modern 1960's Barbie shows us radical changes of women's clothing, hairstyles, and the concept of the ideal women! Doll collectors-young and old — are attracted to dolls, not just because of their beauty but because of their educational value. What is particularly fascinating is that the U.S.A. has built it's own American doll manufacturing industry in the last century. Previously, dolls were produced in Europe. Many of these American dolls will be tomorrow's antiques. American talent in doll making, manufacturing, and designing has been a cornerstone of American prosperity and ingenuity. This craft of American doll making has become an endangered species and one which we need to preserve and protect. Artistic creation in the field of doll and toy making is an important aspect of our social framework that embodies the talents of American crafts people. Remember, when you are collecting and buying , look at the educational and historical aspects of collecting, it will add great dimension to your hobby.

Starting A Family Heirloom

Every Family hopefully has a treasured collectable item that belonged to a grandparent, parent, or other relative. Dolls are one of the most personal items since they sometimes represent the childhood and youth of someone who is dear to us. As you collect dolls, you are building something valuable and meaningful to you, and someday for your children and grandchildren. Collecting means sharing, and in our fast-paced world it is nice to be able to relax and share the love of dolls with family and friends. Whether your hobby has stemmed from a treasured antique, a childhood play toy, or from a marvelous piece of art that is available from today's doll artists, it's important to remember that what you buy and collect today, will become tomorrow's family heirloom.

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