Letters To The Collector

Dear Collector,

Dolls are a great part of my heritage. As an only child, some of my dolls were like my family of friends, and I have wonderful memories of playing with Barbie and my baby dolls, and I also admired the dolls in my dear grandmother's cabinet. She passed on to me this fabulous hobby and I became a member of the U.F.D.C. United Federation of Doll Clubs where I met many people who also collect and enjoy dolls.

I sincerely hope that I can help you find that special doll for yourself, or for a loved one. I am obligated to you as my customer, and to the dolls as well, since they serve not only as beautiful objects, but also as representations of our past, present, and future.

Welcome to this marvelous world of doll collecting where you will always find something new to admire and learn about. We do not only specialize in vintage quality antique dolls but we also enjoy representing the quality hand crafted products of talented doll and teddy bear artists and manufacturers. Our shop has one of the largest selections of quality artist dolls produced from the 1980's through present day. These will be the antiques of tomorrow. Our internet presence with this web site cannot possible convey the vast amount of dolls we sell so pleased do not ever hesitate to inquire about any type of doll that strikes your fancy.

I am at your service to guide you in creating a family heirloom, just as my grandmother, Anna Louise, did for me.


Karen D'Onofrio

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