Madame Alexander Dolls

EXCLUSIVE Grandmas Lil Girl LTD. 150 pieces Exclusive to A Century of Dolls with Porcelain Shoe Box

This exclusive 8" doll comes with a certificate and also a porcelain Alexander shoe box with tiny Alexander shoes on the top. It opens to reveal Love is in the details the Alex logo. Grandms Lil Girl is a blonde child and she wears a pink lace gown with flowers at the bodice. Limited to only 150 Pieces

EXCLUSIVE TO A CENTURY OF DOLLS In Memory Angel 9-11 Made In Memory of Family and friends who perished 9/11 at the World Trade Center

This little Angel is dressed in a white tulle gown with pastel sparkled opal seqins in her gown. She has feathered wings and comes in Blonde with blue eyes or Brunette with brown eyes. In addition there is a certificate to write the name of the person In Memory There is also a beautiful poem entitled "One Life Can Touch Thousands" that was written to go with this special angel. Edition 1000 pieces is Exclusive to A Century of Dolls Inc. IMPORTANT NOTE Please list on your order if you want a blonde or brunette. This doll was made available in time for Christmas 2001 and hundreds of families received this doll as a gift In Memory of their loved one. There was a total donation of 12,060.00 made from the proceeds of this angel given to the family of William Fallon of Long Island New York who was an employee at Cantor Fitzgerald at the WTC. We thank all the families in America that helped us to remember the Fallon family in this special way. Dolls have been donated to the Ground Zero Museum Workshop in New York City. Also dolls have been donated to Tuesday's Children an organization dedicated to service the children and families of the September 11th tragedy. There are about 50 angels remaining at this time. Many of these angel dolls found homes with the intended and we thank you for helping us to get this In Memory Angel to the families of victims. Only a handful of dolls remain. Do not miss out on this most special doll, the Madame Alexander Doll Company tribute to New York victims in partnership with A Century of Dolls Inc.

Alexander Howdy Doody Marionette on Wood Stand SALE

Leave it to the Alexander to think this one up. Rare 8" marionette on a wooden stand dressed like Howdy Doody. This one will be a rare find in the future.

Alexander Wendy Loves being Loved w/ Wardrobe of Clothes Choose Blonde or Redhead

NOTE ON YOUR ORDER Rehead or Blonde. Adorable little blonde Wendy boxed with accessoires. Made in USA MIB. NRFB Just look at all those tagged Alex 8" clothes. 1996 edition Made in New York

Cissy Queen Elizabeth Recessional Silver Jubliee Doll

Limited to Platinum dealers only this Silver Jubilee Cissy is amazing with exact detailing. She has a a velvet and a bejeweled crown and a septor. The doll must be seen to be appreciated. Rare doll for future investment value. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE TINY EDITION OF only 250 piecces this is #34/250

Madame Alexander 21" Manet Fashion Portrait Doll MIB #2225

The Manet Fashion doll is a 21" doll made in New York during the 1980's. Write or Call for info

Madame Alexander 21" Madame Doll MIB Pink Ball Gown # 2290

1st Madame doll made in the 1980's before Madame passed away. The face mold was made for this doll and it was made to be a character of Madame. Made In America in the New York factory.

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