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Goldilocks and The Three Bears (Donna Hodges) 4pc Set

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a truly unusual set. The doll by Julia is made of a harding clay called cernit which has the elusive look of real skin. Goldilocks is 22" tall dressed in a charming country cotton print topped with a white pinafore and stripped bloomers. This doll has a soft curley blonde mohair wig with blue glass eyes of great depth. With a character face, this doll has the look of a real child with freckles. The freckles are also on her arms and legs. Her companions the 3 bears by premier teddy bear arist Donna Hodges of Califoria are all dressed in coordinated country fabrics. Donna is one of the California's first teddy bear artists designing beas since the 1980's. This wonderfully creative collaboration by 2 well known west coast ladies is surely a unique collectible. Edition 24 pieces.

Lawton Madison and McGuffey Ana edition 350

Perhaps the most desirable of all the doll with the doll series. This one is pefect in her black velvet dress and her little Madame Alexander McGuffey Ana is also wonderful This 14" full porcelain child is so hard to find MIB . This one is so perfect and the Little Mcguffey Ana doll is just like an old one. How do they do this???? American Amazing craftsmanship

Bonnie Jean Amazing Wax over Porcelain Sculptured Lady by Susan Krey

Bonnie Jean one of the hardest molds to achieve with out stretched arms. In the photos the arms are not shown completely extended/ Ther ia a wire armature there so her arms can be fully lifted and extended to the sides. She has a beautiful honey human hair blonde wig with blown glass eyes of a lovely green shade. This is one of the best dolls created in the high time 90's. She is anatomically correct in the breasts which are shown through the sheer satin top of her lounging pajamas. This Silk kimona is absolutley stunning. Edition only 10 pieces. CALL for shipping insurance fees. I guarantee when you see her in person you will be overwhelmed by the design integrity of this masterpiece.

Flower Swinging by ODACCA artist Maryanne Oldenburg

Maryanne is a miniature artist this polomer clay baby is quite detailed with playful characer expression dangling above her base from a flower swing. All handmade by the artist this one of a kind baby will make you smile. What a sweet Little Character face.

Full Porcelain Artist Doll McGardle 3" Oriental child Playing Pat a Cake ONE OF A KIND

This adorable oriental child is so detailed and look she is playing pat-a- cake. Look at her tiny glass eyes. So miniature and so unusual. Only 3" perfect all porcelain miniature.

Full Porcelain Doll McGardle One of a Kind all bisque 3" Toddler

Look at the tiny mohair wig and the tiny glass eyes. This is what this wonderful American artist does best. This is so detailed and made one year only. Tiny 3" all porcelain miniature.

Full Porcelain Lindollys One of a Kind Bru Jne. Child All Porcelain

A wonderful doll an adorable little beauty one of a kind porcelan doll made to resemble a french doll of the 1880s dressed in a georgous dress of lavendar silk with a mohair wig and glass eyes. She is amazing the detail and perfection on this little beauty made in the USA is a wonder to behold.

Full Porcelain Unique McGardle Artist Tiny 3" All Bisque Black Baby One of Kind

Look at this tiny black all bisque child she has tiny braids and also mini brown glass eyes. So detailed and ONE OF A KIND. Tiny 3" all porcelain miniature.

Gund 100th Anniversary Blue Mohair Teddy Bear

This beautiful teddy bear is the most beautiful shade of blue handdyed mohair. She is wearing a lovely angora sweater with a Pom Pom at the neck. The bear is 14" tall and fully jointed. Gund 100th anniversary gold pin and is limited # 295/400. Photos really do not do justice to this lovely bear.

Krey Baby by Susan Krey Gorgeous Sweet Adeline 8/15

Wax over porcelain child with sweet innocent facial expression. This lovely child can be seated and has a head that can be turned. A curley human hair wig and straw bonnet add to the spring like feeling of her frock. She has her hatbox case to sit on or to collect flowers in.

Lady Doll Asian Porcelain in Ethnic Costume UFDC Souvenir

Look at this beautiful 14" porcelain Chinese lady doll. She has an alll original authentic costume and she is from the 1992 San Francisco UFDC national convention. She has porcelain arms and head and on her porcelain feet are exquisite molded shoes with a cloth body. Her face is beautifully painted with unique ethnic details of a lovely asian lady. She has a cloth posable body. This silk kimono is historically detailed and designed just as a traditional Japanese lady would be dressed.doll. Another unique feature of the kimono is that there are tiny little silk embroidered fasteners along the right side of the Kimono. This is a fabulous detail and this opens the kimono when the tiny fasteners are slid open carefully. The doll has nice deep molding with her hair designed in a traditional asian hair style pulled to the top of her head. with tiny brush strokes on the temples. This is a really unique feature of this doll. Made by the United States Historical Society in Richmond Virginia there were approx. 1500 of these dolls made for the UFDC conference souvenir. She is MIB with her original tea cup wrist tag. She is a beautiful artist type doll in ethnic Japanese styling and detail. Very unique for a UFDC souvenir since most of the time they have children or lady dolls not ethnic ladies.

Lawton Lady with Wood Body The Guilded Age #48/175

What a magnificent creation that Lawton has designed. This 14" wooden jointed bodied doll is the perfect lady of the Guilded age. The costume is maticulously detailed in red and balck taffeta with tiny detail. Her bonnet is the perfect accessory to this costume and she also has a matching walking stick. She has a brownand brwon glass eyes. Ltd to 175 pieces

Lawton Annabelle Lee 1987 # 194/250

Annabelle Lee is a Lawton artist early doll. Please call for more info. ONLY ONE MIB

Lawton Black Muff with Porcelain Dolls Head

The perfect accessorie for your doll this Muff was offered to club members only.

Lawton Clarissa Field Jointed Wood Body and Bangwell Putt doll edition 175

Clarissa is a doll with a story. She has a little doll and she has written all kinds of poems in the petticoats. This lovely wood body doll also comes with a handmade wooden chair. Lots of Lawton details on this one. Small edition. Call for availability

Lawton Early Lady Doll Young Charlotte #137/250 year 1987

17" Young Charlotte is one of 3 early dolls that Lawton made in this larger size in small editions. This young beautiful women is a full porcelain doll. Please call for the details of this early Lawton doll.

Lawton Early Porcelain Doll Linda # 4/250

One of the first dolls made by the Lawton doll company. Made in 1982-83 this Linda doll will be a real thrill for the collector of Lawton dolls to show her early work. of her early work. The Lawton company is one of the only American doll companies with consistent quality and series of dolls that all work so well together. No conformity here. Intelligent collectors will realize the potential of this American artists work in the future. CAll for more info

Lawton Emma Lady Doll with Wood Jointed Body limited edition 175 pieces

17" Emma is simple elegant in her blue silk dress with embroidered organdy jacket. She is a lovely honey blonde with blue glass eyes. Completing her emsemble is a straw. She has a wood jointed body. A Beauty.

Lawton Flossie and Freddie Bobbsey Twins #290/350 year 1991

Set of 2 dolls full porcelain, the Bobbsey Twins are just so perfectly Lawton.

Lawton Girl of the Limberlost #165/500 year 1994

The Girl of the Limberlost is a full porcelain 14" character face child. From the series of Lawton literature, this unusual doll will be a great addition to any Lawton collection. She comes with a net her flower basket and tiny buterfly. You will just love this adorable child.

Lawton Katrina 8" Wood Jointed Body

Katrina is a blonde character face doll dressed in a adorable white silk and fur collared coat. This little wood body doll was a gift for attendees from UFDC conference.

Lawton Lavender Blue Club doll year 1990

This beautiful 14" full porcelain child was limited to club members 1990. This is your chance to own this lovely early Lawton doll dressed in a floral spring dress. One of the nicest club dolls.She is such a beautiful doll in this beautiful lavender blue color her molding is deep and she is so wide eyed like that perfect Lawton childhood look.

Lawton Marcella & Raggedy Ann 492/500 Year 1988

The first set of 14" full porcelain Marcella and raggedy Ann is an edition from 1988. She is dressed in a cotton dress with pinefore and holds her little replica Raggedy Ann. One of the most select pieces from the Lawton collection.

Lawton Marigold Garden #23/750 1992

14" full porcelain Marigold Garden is a lovely little blonde child dressed in a lovely cotton frock. This sweet little blonde doll is a perfect example of Lawton doll appeal. If you love that white pale fine porcelain this doll will make your heart beat. Her curled white blonde moahir wig is perfect for her. ONLY ONE

Lawton The Tinkers Daughter with Lawton Book Edition 350

12" size Lawton doll this is one of the first stories Wendy lawton wrote so a book signed by the author comes with the doll. How many doll makers are authors too? Do not forget to get this sweet little doll before they are all gone. The first Lawton Book doll.

Linda Mason Erin Ltd. Edition # 12/35 GORGEOUS CHILD DOLL

Porcelain Doll with cloth body with armature dressed in mint green spring cotton dress. A Linda Mason original.

Maciak Canadian Artist NIADA Doll 8" full porcelain Elise Ballerina #1/15

Elise is the sweetest little 8" ballerina A small edition this is # 1/15 is signed in the edition. Dressed in a pink tutu this adorable blonde child with mohair wig is completely poseable on her own wooden base. Finely sanded porcelain with great attention to exact detailing makes these Maciak artist dolls some of the best in the world of tiny dolls below 10 inches. NIADA artist. Call for more info.

Maciak Canadian NIADA Artist Doll Katie # 3/15

8" Katie is such a lovely small edition of only 15 pieces. She is a tiny 8" blonde full porcelain doll with an endearing smile with tiny freckles. The porcelain is sanded so finely and the details of the painted eyes and tiny lashes is extraordinary to accomplish so small. This NIADA artsit is one of the very few who works in this tiny scale. Katie has a wooden base that attaches through her foot so she balances and poses in many different ways.

Maciak Canadian NIADA Artist #1/10 Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne #1/10 is a 13" full porcelain doll with a wonderful smile. This lovely early doll by Heather Maciak NIADA artist is a bit larger then her other sizes but the charm is all there. She is on a wooden base with a wire up her leg so she can be posed in many various ways. This doll is a cute brunette wearing a cotton print playsuit. All the clothes ashoes and acccessories are made by the artist. Her painted features her eyes,lips,tiny feckles, and lashes all have been detailed with the utmost care. Heather Maciak dolls are a rare find in the doll world and this doll artist is one of the few making traditonal style tiny dolls in modern contempory clothes. Sure to be the real collectors items in the future.

Maciak Canadian NIADA Artist Doll Katie #1/15

8" Katie is the #1 in the edition of 15. Maciak is a Canadian artist that works in full porcelain. All her styling is very traditional and she is one of the few artists making this type of small poseable doll. She comes with her own wooden base with a wire that fits into her shoe so she poses very nicely on this stand. Katie is dressed in a cotton print floral dress with blonde mohair wig in braids. She has the tinest painted eyes with lashes. Working in this tiny scale is very time consuming and tedious. These dolls must be seen to be appreciated.

Maciak Canadian NIADA Artist Katie # 8/15

Little 8" Katie is made by N.I.A.D.A. National Institute of American Doll Artists Heather Maciak. Heather works in full porcelain her little sweet children are so posable and the porcelain is so soft and buffed to perfection. This little child is # 8/15 Katie comes on a separate base that attaches to her foot. Can be posed in many positions.

Maciak Canadian NIADA artist Madeline 9" doll #2/10

Madeline is a small editions of only 10 pieces she is a red headed child full porcelain totally poseable ona wooden base with a wire going up her leg so she can pose in so many directions. The detail is marvelous and she is so cute dressed in a cotton print play suit. She has tiny freckles and her painted eyes and lashes and lips all have great attention to detail. This Canadain artist is one of the best in her field of making finely crafted tiny porcelain dolls.

Maggie Iacono Jamie & Erin #20/70 matched pair SET

Premier cloth artist Maggie Iacono pair of boy and girl Erin and Jamie are masterfully created and completely jointed and are a wonderful posable pair. Erin has a little wooden doll and Jamie has a pair of wooden stilts. The smart collector will realize that a pair, boy and girl are the rare items in the doll collecting world. Iacono cloth dolls are the absolute most detailed cloth dolls made in the entire artist world. Count on A Century of Dolls to always show the best of every medium.

Monika Margarite #10/35

Seated 22" Margarite has a flowing auburn mohair wig dressed in champagne colored raw silk gown exquisitely detailed and sitting on a cushion. This lovely doll has a very difficult sculpt to create with a upraised neck with fine sculpted hands and feet. Photos do not do justice to this beautiful early Monika doll.

Pat Thompson Baby Hope in cradle

This enchanting 12" Baby is anatomically correct made in cernit. The expression is very soothing as she lays in the cradle bedecked with satin ribbons. The cradle was alos hand designed by the artist. Very Unusual artist piece by Vlasta dolls Pat Thompson American Artist.

Patty's Hat by Julia Rueger

Cernit child with molded shoes and armature wearing a cotton dress and mohair wig reclining on a vintage ladies hat and of course she has her little hat to hold.

R. John Wright Just Adorable Crocus or Caper Felt Kewpies

This felt pair of kewpies are an edition of 250 pieces Each Kewpie is 462.00 each. This can be purchased by matched set or separately. However we cannot guarantee the matched number will be available in the future. This set has Crocus is a little purple flower and Caper is a little green buggy. So Cute Note on your order if you want a pair or which kewpie you would like. Crocus is the purple Flower Kewpie and Caper is the Green Bug Kewpie.

R. John Wright Just Adorable Lulu Flower Black Kewpie Dolls

Kewpie bugs are made in traditional way of R. John Wrights felt characters. Kewpie Lu Lu is an adorable little flower. This is number 20 of 250 pieces.

R. John Wright for Steiff Katharina

New for 2007 2008 R. John Wright has produced these Steiff Kinder dolls. There are four dolls in the collection all are available on the web site. Matched numbers are available for the set. There is Sophie,Lukas, Katharina and Mathius. Each doll features the Steiff trademark Button in the Ear as well asa the customary brass RJW logo button and each doll comes boxed with COA.

R. John Wright for Steiff Lukas Doll

New for 2007 R. John Wright designed 4 dolls for Steiff. This 17" Boy doll named Lukas is one of 4 dolls in edition of only 500 pieces. Also available is his friend and sister Sophie, Katharina or Mathias. See the entire collection.

R. John Wright for Steiff Mathias Doll

New for 2007-2008 R. John Wright designed 4 dolls for Steiff they are perfect Steif Kinder dolls.These dolls are reproductions of dolls origianlly made by Steiff in the early 1900's. They have handpainted features inset glass eyes, mohair wigs and sewn cloth bodies. Each doll is dressed in detailed clothing and accessories made of the finest materials in designs reflective of theri German heritage. Please see all four dolls on the web site. Lukas, Mathias, Sophie and Katharina. Matching numbers available.

R. John Wright for Steiff Sophie

New for R. John Wright this is his first dollsmade for Steiff This lovely 17" Cloth Child doll by R. John Wright is an edition of only 500 pieces. There are 4 dolls Sophie Lukas,Katharina and Mathias.These are magnificent creations with cut felts and all handpainted features with glass eyes. See the entire 4 dolls on the web site.

R. John Wright Just Adorable Peeper Kewpie

Small editons of ony 250 pieces Peeper is an addable Kewpie bug type Kewpie. These felt kewpies are dressed like bugs or flowers Pepper is dressed in as a little buggy.

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