One of A Kind Art Figures

Forest Rogers NIADDA OOAK Puck from A Mid Summer Nights Dream

Forest Rogers is a gifted sculptor and illustrator who is a NIADA artist. Puck is a mischievious character from the Shakpearian literature A Mid Summer Nights Dream. Sculpted in paper clay and mixed medias this character is frocking playfully with masterful sculpting showing this characters extreme fluid movement and truly brings the character to life. Photos do not come close to show the actual details of this sculpture.

Green Fairy ONE OF A KIND by Dutch Artist Yvonne Flipse

This marvelous fairy is a one of a kind sculpt made by this European artist. The Green Fairy is made of papier clay. The fine sculpting is evident in this small scale 13" tiny scaled green fairy with delicate golden wings of irridescence. Look closely at the anatomy and fine detailing.A ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE OF WHIMSICAL DESIRE. Her character face has something to tell us.

Green Wood Woman Wooden Sculpture by American Artist Carolyn Rhoads One of a Kind

Carolyn Rhodes creates wooden sculptures from found driftwood in her Virginia rural community. These graceful wooden creations have the same warmth and feel of a sensual figure. The human form is captured perfectly in this wooden women who seems to yearn for greater heights.

Heidi Mario American Artist Anima The Offering One of a Kind

Ths polymer sculpted figure aptly named Anima has the most haunting gaze as he offers a shell. A man of Native Indian decent he offers a shell in payment for a favor done. Anima sits on his attached base for display and is 11' high for easy display in a cabinet or display dome. Heidi Mario a Vermont artist and sculpture has captured the entire essence of figural art sculpture with this piece. Do not miss the other works on the web site by this artist.

Heidi Mario American Artist Isabel One of a Kind

Isabel is a polymer sculpture by Heidi Mario an American figural artist from Vermont. Her face is etched with the wrinkles of time shown in her character. She tells a story of sacrifice and hard working in life one cannot help but be reminded of a loved one when looking into her eyes. Aprox. 19" tall.

Heidi Mario American Artist Silas Do not Go Gently

Silas is a figual sculpture made from polymer clay which is molded by the artist and is One of a Kind. Bravely marching into the unknown this poor blinded Silas is unaware of what awaits him and he perseveres undaunted. Haunting Figure

Karen Spencer Museum of American Crafts Earth Lady One of A Kind

The Earth Lady is an unusual figure made from a gord. Karen Spencer's work is represented in the Americn Craft Museum in NYC. All handpainted Karen grows these huge gords in her farm in Illinois. The Earth Lady is a loving figure emcompassing the peaceful world within her body. One of a kind.

Katheryn Walmsley NIADA OOAK Yvonne

Yvonne a one of a kind artist doll is made of cernit she is 17" on her wooden stand. She holds her love letter in her hands with a character face with an endearing expression. Posable. Dressed in satin skirt with silk velvet jacket with fur trim. This NIADA work by Ms. Walmsley is truely a work of art.

Long Lady Wooden Sculpture

An amazing wooden sculpture by Carolyn Rhoads an American artist from Virginia. Carolyn has the most uncanny ability to create graceful figures from lakeside wooden finds of driftwood. She captures features within the woods grain that accentuates the figures shape. Watch this lady her work is one of a kind masterpieces of raw beauty.

Mark Dennis American Artist OOAK Johnnie Appleseed

This one of a kind art sculpture by Mark Dennis is like looking at a real life person. Since we have no real photos of Johnnie Appleseed Mark has taken the liberty to portray this American Folklore hero as an African American. Look closely at the marvelous detail of his facila expression as he peels his apple. Legned has it that Johnnie Appleseed actually ate so many apples and traveled so extensively that the seeds from all the apples he ate were responsible for all the Apple trees in America. Mark has taken this character figure to new levels. Johnnie sits on a wooden resin base in the shapeof a tree stump. Johnnie is approximately 12" high with the most exquisitely sculpted character face. Call of write for more information. ONE OF A KIND

Marlaine Verhelst Dutch Artist Hiding Behind A Mask

A Wonderful piece of art this one of a kind figure is sculpted from porcelain. Hiding Behind A Mask sits on the iron mask and has a cloth posable body with porclain head hands and feet. The vibrant silk and yarn colors add to the mystical demeanor of the figure that appears to be at home in a real fantasy like world. You can pose this figure on the seat behind the iron mask in many positions since the body is movable. One of a Kind that is truly the only way to describe Marlaine and we are happy to add her magnificent art work to our gallery of fine doll artists and figural sculpturists.

Marlaine Verhelst Who Rules the Moon & The Stars

Amazing Mystical and Uniquely One of A Kind this figural art doll comes from the heart of the artist Marlaine Verhelst. Look at that expression one must ponder what this character is thinking who rules over the the moon and the stars or at least he thinks he does. The figure is approximately 15" tall and sits on the base which is earth, which he also appears to rule over. The moon and the stars are on a wire which slip into his hands and are removanle for shipping or displaying. The total piece is approximately 21" high when he is sitting on the base. The figure is made of hand sculped porcelain head arms and feets with a cloth posable body. The earth is hand crafted out of papier mache and this serves as the base and the stand for the figure which is attached with a post to the earth base. The character face on this figure is most appealing and his expression is one which leaves the viewer realing thinking about what or whom rules the world. We are so pleased to welcome Marlaine a Dutch NIADA artist to our gallery of fine doll art and figural sculpture. Her work is clearly one of the best in the world and comes from a mystical yet deeply emotional place within her. Did you ever wonder if our politicians think they rule the moon and the stars? I appears that they do, unless we as a people stand up for justice.

Nancy Latham Bad Wolf One of a Kind

Nancy Latham makes dolls and figural sculptures in cloth. She is well known for her wistful children. This piece is one of her most unique designs and clearly illustrates the artists ability to move beyond the traditional dolly doll realm of design. This unique art work is framed with a uniquely styled cloth red riding hood in the center which protrudes from the canvas. The canvas painting has illustrations form one of the antique red riding hood books. Photos do not do justice to this unusual artwork. ONE OF A KIND with unique design energy.

Natalia Pobedina Russian Artist Venetian White Lady OOAK AMAZING

This marvelous figure is just the perfect example of the art venue of figural sculpture. This Russian artist is well known in the art circles of New York city galleries. This 21" fantasy piece head to toe dressed in vintage shades of white silk lace and beading is whimsical and a one of a kind piece. On her own base this Venetian lady is elaborately costumed to attend the masked ball. Pobedina work is the epitomy of Russina art and to own a piece of this work is to understand the full scope of the doll art movement.

Neapolitan Figure Guitar Player

This Guitar player is made in Italy in the same tradtional manner as the ancient terracotta figures made in the 16th and 17th century. He has the most elaborate sculpture and is posable. This figure has tiny blown glass eyes that seriously are a window to his soul. These figures are made in very lim ited numbers and each is a one of a kind. Email for additional questions or photos. A excellent example for a serious collector of fine art. Check back for future availability.

Neopolitan Figure Tarentella Dancer

This 19" figure is so filled with joy in the midst of her dance. Made in Italy in the same traditional way as the figures made in the 16th -17th century. She has tiny blown glass eyes and dressed in fine vintage fabrics. The molding of this sculpture is so detailed and is completely poseable. Please email for more info and photos. These figures are all one of a kind and very limited in quantity. Check back for future availability

NIADA Artist Forest Rodgers One of Kind Titania STUNNING

Titania will be the centerpiece of your figural sculpture collection. Forest Rodgers a Conneticut artist is also a member of NIADA The National Institute of Amreicn Doll Artists. Titania is attached and seated on the base that looks like tree roots with the tree branches gracefully extending over her. She is made of Poymer clay and epoxy so she is structually very strong. The sculpture here is amazing and difficult to capture in photographs. Her height is 25 inches including the tree and the attached base. Her hair is molded and she wears a shear gown of organdy silk. Just to marvelous for words. Please email for other photos and questions.

One of a Kind Unusual Cataplexy by Carol Trobe.

This is a most unusual sculpture done by Carl trobe of Illinois. This handcrafted marrionette depicts a deblilitataing medical condition in which a person suddenly feels weak and collaspes at moments of strong emotion. A severe attack can cause suddenly paralysis of almost all of the bodies muscles. A mild attack can be as simple asthe weakening of he knees. Cataplexy is often seen in persons with narcolepsy. People with this condition have often likened the experience to the simultaneous cutting of a marionettes strings. ONE OF A KIND Approx. 15"

Peter Wolf The Violinist

20" Violinist wears a formal court costume of raspberry silk damask trimmed with metalic fringe and silk cord. Head painted features accentuates the character of this gay musician.

Peter Wolf Young Cavalier Automaton

17" Automaton the Young Cavalier is on an ornate venetian base dressed in brocade silk damask. He has the typical Peter Wolf handpainted features on polomer clay(fimo sculpey) Holding a tri-corner pointed hat with cane this automaton character plays music and his arms and head move in a gentle nod. ONE OF A KIND is

Peter Wolf 18th Century Court Lady

This wonderful 20" artist doll is hand sculpted by the famous German doll artist Peter Wolf. She is dressed in 18th century fabrics in the style of the period. Wearing a exquisite confection of plum silk damask with vintage rhinestones and silk flowers artistically drapped with metalic lace. Her elaborately coiffed wig of white mohair is jewel accented. ONE OF A KIND

Peter Wolf 18th Century Peddler

20" tall this curious stranger dressed in an elaborately beaded tunic and typical 18th century style in greens and golds cuts a dashing silloute. His mezmorizing stare beacons the viewer to look further. This one is a of a kind piece is created using fimo clay and is masterfully painted using oils and acrylic paints. ONE OF A KIND

Peter Wolf Fortune Teller Automaton

20" Fortune Teller is an amusing piece with her hands that move up and down and her head that nods down to view what the next card says about her clients life. She is dressed in an elaborate black silk drss with beaded shawl.Her red mohair wig and wide painted eyes perfectlty accentuate the look of a fortune teller gypsy type women. She is on a base of rich purple velevet and her hand crafted cat stands ny her side. This automaton is all handcrafted by Peter Wolf and will stand out as an unusual piece of art in the realm of his work.

Peter Wolf Her Masked Charade

20 Lady figural sculpture in fimo with oil painted features this lady of the evening is dressed n silken red with black beaded accents. Her life is behind her mask and the expression is one of apathy mixed with joy. A piece that can fit into any collection Her Masked Charade gives one the option of owning a Peter Wolf creation that has traditional styling

Peter Wolf Little Servant Girl

11" Young peasant girl in her servant attire wears a mob cap and is eagerly awaiting her mistresses command. She is posable and is carrying a pewter water pitcher. The submissive tlt of her head clearly illustrates her place in society. The facial expression is endearing and childlike.

Peter Wolf Mom's Dress

This wide eyed exagerated child is all dressed up in Mom's funkiest clothes. She is a bit confued as to what goes with what. Guaranteed to amke you smile. This one of a kind is a bit different then most Peter Wolf more seious art dolls.

Peter Wolf Saylse and Spring

Ome of Peter Wolf's more unusual fantasy pieces shows his versatility as an artist. The boys face is brilliantly sculpted and painted with a playfull expression and is shown dancing with a character that is emerging from the bark of a magical tree. Made of polomer clays and vintage materials this piece is captivating. ONE OF A KIND

Peter Wolf The Courting Gardeners Pair with Garden Gate

The expressions of these two works of art clearly shows the relationship between them. Both sculpted in fimo and painted in Peter Wolf's theatrical style the charming couple in costumes of antique textiles are set off by a garden fence which he is peering over in order to get a glimpse of a lovely maiden. Like many of Peter's work this set is one of a kind. Please email for photos of the green wooden Garden Gate that comes with this pair.

Peter Wolf The Handsome Gardener

The 20" Gardener is ready for a day in the fields. This romantically gruff man from the working class is dashing in his white lawn shirt and antique brocade vest with cravate ad tri corner hat. All antique fabrics complete this ensemble for this dashing Gentleman.

Peter Wolf The Oboe Player

20" Court Gentleman dressed in coral silk damask elaborately encrusted in antique trim with a powdered wig of wool with a coiffed that is typical of the mid eighteeth century. Dashingly handsome this oboe player is the lead in the orchestra.

Peter Wolf The Puppeteer

20" Automaton dressed as a 18th Century young women with a tiny puppet. She is on a ornate base under a flowering trellis this daughter of the court is dressed in green silk brocade costume with metallic vintage lace with ribbon embroidery. Her arms move in a vertical sweep as she nods her head to an enchanting tune as her puppet sways. ONE OF KIND

Peter Wolf The Romance Letter

The Romance Letter is one of the larger dolls standing at 22" inches she holds a love letter in one hand and a bust of her love in the other. Dressed in antique silks that have the most detailed embroidery this doll is one of the most wonderful in the 18th Century Wolf collection. Her wool gray wig is set i the most minute curls. The detail here is amazing.

Peter Wolf Venetian Mask

20" Venetian Masked man is certainly distinquished as he glares hauntingly accross the ballroom. Dressed in full length silk and velevet cloak which perfectly enhances the gold and crimson silk vest with fringed sash. His perfectly scaled leather knee high boots compliment the costume. His medieval cross and theatrical mask give this character the villianous look which the artist intended.

Precarious by Heidi Mario

One of A Kind approx. 21" on her own free standing base. Precarious is tettering on the edge between conscienceness and the dream world. This spiritual figure has captured the character in mid-thought. This bohemian lady creates a feeling of somber contemplation. Unbelievable and curiously Zen quality.

Revanent Coming Back by Heidi Mario

Coming Back is the fantasy work of this imaginative Vermont artist. Revanent is made from a polyomer clay that is molded by the artist and then fired. Reaching out into a more stylized treatment of work Revanent(coming back) his ghostly figure clad in shades of white with his eyes closed seems to be emerging from the darkness. Standing approx. 19" tall on a self standing base Revanent cannot help but make the viewer ponder his situation. ONE OF A KIND

Ron English The Nightmare Before Easter

September Mourning In Memory of Sept 11th

The twin towers have been destroyed and large gapping holes are evident within the polished teak wood. The heads of the suffering victims are seen from the top as they look skyward for some relief from this horror. This is not a piece for the faint of heart. Only for those who realize the magnitude of what our city under went in the face of pure evil. WE will never FORGET. Edition OOAK

Swedish Artist Marie Ahern OOAK Cleopatra at Home

Cleopatra is the marvelous creation of Marie Ahern of Sweden. This 14" porcelain lady is so detailed with tiny little fingers and facial features. She is painted over porcelain so her skin color is that of Egyptian coloring. She is standing in her palace temple with hand designed paintings on the wall. There is a curtain she holds back with her tiny fingers and the robe she wears is so elegan and again very detailed in every way. This s a one of a kind piece.The miniature handcrafting on this piece will amaze you.

Swedish Artist Marie Ahern OOAK Lady with A Rose

Maria Ahren is a talented Swedish artist who works in porcelain. It is really amazing the tiny details she achieves in this medium and she paints over the porcelainto achieve more realism. The 1750 Lady is so detailed in costuming and she is lounged back in a period chair with her feet on a stool. She is completely attached to the base of the chair and stool. ONE OF A KIND. Email questions or for more photos.

Tom Kochie American Artist OOAK Fire Figure

This magnificent Sculpture is 26" high and attached to the base. She is made of Papier Clay with wonderful detailed sculpting. Wiht her hands in motion she lifts herself above the flames. Tom has also done other elements. OOAK

Vicki Arentz American Artist Celle Qui Volle (She Who Flies) OOAK

This figural sculpture is a one of a kind made by the talented artist Vicki Arentz of California. The realism is just unbeleivable. The piece is a 3 part sculpture with an attached base.It is 38" high and the material it made of is a polymer clay over an epoxy armature so it is very sturdy. Vicki has experimented with many mediums and has deceided that the use of the ploymer for realism with the strength of the epoxy underneath makes for the best structually sound presentation. Vicki has a background in ballet which is evident in her ability to acurately and favorable capture the anatomy and posturing of the figures. The seemingly effortless expressions on the faces of this pair as they perform this choreography is simply mesmerizing. Vicki Arentz understand the true nature of figural art sculpture and makes a only a few pieces a year.Watch this artist!!!! Call or email for more info.

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