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A Century of Dolls is known for quality antiques. This page is being updated currently. Please call us and check back here to see the wonderful antiques we have for sale.

Antique German Lady Doll 22" Closed Mouth circa 1890 Magnificent Hands

This absolutely stunning doll is dressed in a pink silk dress with straw bonnet. She has lovely pale bisque shoulderplate with large brown paperweight eyes and a brown human hair wig. She is on a early cloth body with beautifully sculpted porcelain arms with fingers. Photos do not do justice to this stunning doll. This early german bisque doll is unmarked however she is attributed to Kestner or ABG and her pale bisque is just marvelous.

Antique Kestner Lady Doll 21"Turned Shoulderhead Lady ALL ORIGINAL

This Turned head shoulder with closed mouth and brown glass eyes. Orig. blonde mohair wig but wait the best part of this doll is yet to come. Her leather body is gusseted with bisque forearms. The exquisite silk moire costume is a golden russet color with antique fringe and embriodery. This is stunning. There is an antique hat with antique hat pin with antique flowers. Original leather shoes have some wear. An Unbeleivable doll must be seen the originality is marvelous. This beautiful german Kestner fashion lady will rival any French Fashion.

Antique JDK Kestner 18" G All Original marked body Early 143 JUST PERFECT

All original antique child with beautiful deep molded facial character face with pale bisque. Big brown eyes with open mouth with early square teeth. Brown mohair wig. Head marked G this beautiful doll is an early example of a 143 mold. Her antique dress shoes and bonnet are original to the doll. Marked Germany compo ball jointed body with orig. finish. A wonderful Kestner example.

Cissy Original Yardley Ad Circa 1960 Framed

This original magazine ad was found in an Old Life magazine. It has been matted and framed to protect it. Great prices on the add it shows the perfume for only 1.25 for Yardley perfume. Have times changed.

Effanbee 6" Original Wee Patsy

Who does not love the little 6" Wee Patsy. This little doll has the orig. red and white dress with painted on shoes and socks. There is some chips to the paint on the shoes and socks. She has very nice deep molding with the tiny molded headband.

Gertrude Florian Character Portait Dolls

Here are 2 wonderful 12" dolls by Gertrude Florian signed on the shoulderplate. The one in lavender looks like Princess Grace and the lady in beige with lace collar has a marvelous turned head with deep molding and detail. Both are shelf size samll fashion dolls made by this talented early NIADA artist Gertrude Florian. Each doll has a hard stuffed body with molded arms and legs and shoulderpalte made of a ceramic like clay. These are just wonderful for a perosn who loves fashion dolls and they are such a nice small size. Choose the doll you would like each doll is 299.00 each or buy both and get one shipping fee. PLEASE NOTE ON YOUR ORDER WHICH FLORIAN DOLL YOU WOULD LIKE.

Gund Mint Cloth Mask Doll C.1950

This is a rare find in mint condition Buy One or both Mask Cloth dolls from 1950 era with the Gund tags. Approx. 20" tall these dolls seem to look like they just came off the 1950 toy store shelf. Buy one at 189.00 or take 20% off for the pair and get the one low shiping fee.

Half Doll 5.5" Art Deco Half Doll Roaring Twenty style

This art deco lady is one of the most desirable of all half dolls. With roaring 20s looks, her hair is painted in a slick bob and her eyes are heavily lined. She wears a molded necklace. One arm away holds a fan, and the other is to her hip. Her brown eyes convey a unique depth of expression.

Ivory Doctors Lady Stunning and detailed with Deep Moldimg on Original Wood Stand c. 1900

Top of the Line antique with fine detail and quality this a magnificent example of a 7" Ivory Doctors Lady. The Ivory is mint and the molding of the lady is magnificent. Just beautiful and she comes on her orig. Wood stand. I have seen these over the years and this superb example even has her tiny finger up toward her chin. You will search long and hard to find one this perfect.MINT EXAMPLE

Muffie Dolls MIB 1950-60 Choose from 9 dolls Nancy Ann Story Book Co. Dolls

Yeah you can pinch yourself now..... This group of 9 Nancy Ann Muffie dolls is great all MIB NRFB. These hard plastic MIB dolls Muffie dolls are the International series all with gold wrist tags and mint in the boxes. The list of the countries Poland, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Isreal, Ireland, Russia, India, and Finland. All the boxes are in excellent condition with an Nancy Ann gold label on the outside of the box telling the country. Each doll is just perfectly pristine in outfit with those adorable Muffy face. If you want mint collectors dream dolls do not miss out on these. Rarely do these doll still retain boxes so they are just so clean and in pristine condition. NOTE ON YOUR ORDER THE DOLL OR DOLLS YOU WANT

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