Doll House Miniatures

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Bespaq Chelton 7 piece Dining Set

This detailed dining set has table 4 chairs a sideboard fireplace and mirror.

Bespaq Dining set Red and Gold Mahogoney

This 4 piece set has marvelous carved detailing. Table 2 red and gold chairs and a beautiful sideboard that has plate rack inside. Unique only as Bespaq can do.

Bespaq Mahoney Rocking Chair

Bespaq mahoganey rockng chair also matches the nursery set. Great for any room with fabric seating.

Bespaq Philadelphia Suite 7 pc. Living Room

This is just so traditional and perfect details on all 7 pieces. Settee with matching 2 Queen Anne wing Chairs, wonderful side tables and a curio cabinet that makes the se just perfect. No we cannot ge this in regular people size furniture.JUST ONE

Bespaq Rosemont Handpainted Dining set 8 Pc.

This beautifully painted dining set has a table 4 chairs with red and gold cushions a credenza china case and serving table. Handpainted details that only bespaq offers. Look closely at frontal details on the cabinets.

Bespaq Sara Todd Bedroom 8 piece

The Sara Todd bedroom has 4 poster bed mirrored armoir vanity chair nightstand washstand with basin and pitcher and lounge chair. So minutely detailed and perfect for the wonderful house you have worked so hard on.

Bespaq Wood Mahogney High Chair

This is a perfect addition to any room or the Bespaq Nursery of the same color.

Gazebo White Wood

This detailed wood Gazebo is 10" high by 11" wide shaped in a hexagon shape with great detail. Perfect accessory for your doll oue yard.

Grand Piano with bench seat

This beautiful Grand Piano will be a highlight in the right room in your doll house.

Outdoor Gray Marble Vase & Urn

Gray marble vase and urn will add a air of sophistication to your doll house garden space.

Outdoor Vase and Urn Set

This is a really sophistocated item to use in your doll house garden The set includes 2 vases and 2 urns in a lovely ivory color.

Outdoor Victorian Garden Bench

This Victorian Garden bench will give your house the perfect Victorian feel before you walk in the door of the house.

Reuter Floral Porcelain Antique Baths

This Porcelain Reuter Geman antique floral bath is perfect for the vintage styled doll house. Use in a bathroom or a bedroom.NOTE ON YOUR ORDER PINK OR BLUE.

White wood Bed with pink-green Floral Bedspread

This is a beatiful white wood bed with floral pink and green bedspread with pillows. Magnificent detail

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