European Artist Dolls

German Artist 27" Artist Doll by Silvia Opderbeck Madamoiselle Madeline #2/3 MAGNIFICENT

This 18th century lady is limited to 3 pieces. Madeline is a one of a kind magnificent creation. Each Madeline is dressed in a different elaborate gown. This beauty is in green silk. Standing 27" she is full porcelain with bent arms and breasts that have anatomical correctness. Her beautiful coiffed human wig is inset into the scalp.This is a process few artists ever undertake. This is an ABSOLUTELY SUPERIOR Doll. THIS FRENCH LADY CREATION IS MADE IN GERMANY BY SILVIA OPDERBECK.

Hella Hoffman German artist miniature porcelain Thumbelina

These tiny molded porcelain doll are 5" tall each sits in a small woolen basket of hand dyed cloth that is in the shape of a flower bud. Comes in ecru Yellow(not shown) or blue or which is shown. Please note on your order which color you would like. The yellow ecru or the blue.

Hildegard Gunzel Ella May # 18/25

So Adorable cute and totally Hildegard this beautiful redhead is dressed in a mint green dress with peach angora sweater and is holding her toys a 1860 China Head doll and teddy bear. This doll has a head that can be turned. A rare find in wax over porcelain Marvelously designed and executed. Call us to arrange shipping this is a big box determine the cost of shipping and insurance on this large box.

Hildegard Gunzel Nora # 20/20

Wax over lifesize child dressed in gray and pink silk. Nora has white blonde human hair wig. Her gray snakeskin shoes overset the outfit perfectly. She has a pink mohair teddy that she carries over her shoulders. These large dolls are made by the premier artist Hildegard. Call to determine the cost of shipping and insurance on this large box.

Jan Mclean Marcia Limited #6/25 STUNNING 42" LADY SCULPTURE

MAGNIFICENT .. AMAZING >>>EXQUISITE The ultimate in dolls this Mclean doll is the absolute most beautiful ever made. Made by the artist in New Zealand she is approx. 42" and is dressed head to toe in row upon row of organdy lawn ruffles. Must be seen. ONLY 25 dolls created ONLY ONE AVAILABLE Call us to order this and to determine shipping-insurance fees on this large box. The most amazing and beautiful of all the Jan Mclean dolls I have ever seen.

June & Gilly by Berdine Creddy 2 doll set #3/20

This lovely porcelain pair of dolls are by South African artist Berdine Creddy. June is dressed in a taupe raw silk dress with hooded crocheted cloak. This handmade doll has a armature like no other. She holds her dolly gilly dressed in the same fabric. The detail is wonderfully accentuated. The Creddy dolls have all the characteristics of fine doll making.

Karin Heller Made in Germany Artist Cloth 18" Marc

German doll maker Karin Heller made cloth dolls during the 1980's. Her style is very traditonal and she made both male and female dolls. Each has a cloth mask face with cloth jointed body.The clothing is all high quality cottons or knits. Marc is dressed in a green suit with shirt. He has a brown human hair wig with brown painted eyes. Marked Heller

Karin Heller German Doll artist 18" Michelle

Karin Heller 18" Michelle has brunette side braided human hair wig with painted brown eyes. She wears a white damask satin dress. She has a jointed cloth body with cloth face.Signed Heller

Karin Heller Made in Germany 18" Karol Artist Cloth Doll

Karin Heller a german artsit doll made dolls in the early 1980's. Karol has a long blonde human hair wig with painted eyes. She wears a jumper with sweater. All hand painted with fine quality traditonal styling. Signed Heller

Karin Heller Made in Germany Artist 18'' Cloth Annie

Karin Heller 18" Annie is a lovely brunette human hair with brown eyes dressed in a red wool cape with blue and white checked dress. She has a wool hat and is all jointed cloth. Signed Heller

Kathe Kruse 21" Rare Gorgeous Matching Pair Alessia & Allessio

This 21" pair of girl and boy are the most beautiful made in this time period. Dressed in complimentary matching clothes these dolls are reindeer hair stuffed and will be a highlight to any Kruse collection. Sold as a PAIR

Kathe Kruse DuMein Traumerchen Limited Edition Weighted SandBaby

This doll is like a real baby, an exact replica of the sand baby made in earlier years this doll is dressed in a beautiful silk christening gown. This doll is so life like and so like the real Du Mein you wil be amazed.There is an extra charge for shipping this box. Call for ordering

Kathe Kruse Hanne And Her Little Dollies CLUB LIMITED

We are pleased to present the finest dolls both antique and contemporary. The Kathe Kruse Doll company makes the absolute best quality handcrafted traditional quality dolls in the world. This rare Kathe Kruse club set of 3 Dolls will be the highlight of a collection of Cloth dolls. This was a very limited to 100 doll set of 3 dolls made for club members. The 13" Hanne doll has a hard stuffed reindeer hair stuffed body and her 2 little 8" baby friends are Bambino style dolls with Papier mache heads and oil painted hard cloth heads. Look at adorbable Hanne she has little painted freckles she is really wonderful. The head and facial features are so perfectly Kathe Kruse style handpainted with oil paints by traditional and highly skilled artists and handcrafters in Germany. The clothing is all origianal and perfectly Kruse clothes made from natural cotton fabrics. The doll set of 3 comes MIB NRFB with all COA. The German handcrafted dolls are amazing. You will be blown away with the absolute perfection of this doll set. MIB PERFECT

Kathe Kruse limited Brewer Boy Made for UFDC Ltd. 250

The Kathe Kruse Doll company makes the best quality and most traditional dolls in the world. This 10" Brewer Boy doll has a cloth wrapped hard body and was made for UFDC for a special convention event. Limited to 250 pcs. This 10" doll has a papier mache head which are all painted by the talented artists in Germany. Made in Germany by traditional crafters who specialize in painting the intricate eyes and the facial features just like the original historical Kruse dolls. This unusual boy doll is dressed as a Brewermeister and he comes with his own beer mug. Look at his tinmy papier mache mask. The rare part of him is a specially made mask for him to put on him. SEE PHOTO. He has a blonde human hair wig and blue painted eyes. For those of you not familiar with Kruse clothing the quality is amazing with all natural fibers and tiny detailed embroidery. These are some fo the finest dolls still made in the world.

Kathe Kruse Pair Sepp"L and Lies'L Reindeer Hair Limited Set

The Kathe Kruse Doll company makes the best handcrafted traditional quality dolls in the world. THIS LISTING IS FOR (2) DOLLS MATCHED NUMBER PAIR. Liesíl and her brother Seppíl make every collectorís heart beat faster. Both dolls are a smaller version of Doll I. Their bodies are traditionally hand stuffed with reindeer hair. They stand 14 inches tall and are strictly limited to only 100 dolls each. Mayched pair #69/100 Liesíl wears a black dirndl dress made of the finest corduroy with a small flower pattern and an ecru batiste apron with little white dots. On top she wears a dark red hand knitted jacket with a big collar. The hand crocheted cap matches nicely. Under her dress, Liesíl wears white bloomers with lace trim. On her feet, she wears ecru socks and black leather shoes. Her blonde hair is braided nicely into long plaits. Sold only as a set. This perfect pair will be a highlight to your collection.

Kathe Kruse Rare Limited Edition Millenium 2 Doll Boxed set

This limited edition 2 piece doll set is in a navy blue book bound box. The blonde boy is dressed in a black tux and the blonde girl is in a lovely grey and pink print dress. They are reindeer hair stuffed dolls. A Rare item.

Lepi Of Italy Rare Wood Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs by Lepi

Rare wood carved set this is a marvelous set of 8 Characers in a unique stylized design by Lepi of Italy. The 7 dwarfs are all in various positions. Snow White is 6" tall a very unique detailed character. Even the folds of her dress are carved with such detail and look at the tiny flowers around her neck, these are also tiny carved flowers and painted. The dwarfs are approx. 2" and in various positions. This set be seen to be appreciated. The Snow White is approx. 6" and the Dwarfs are all various heights as some are standing some sitting. All carved out of wood THe detail is AMAZING. Unique Opportunity to get this rare wood carved set from Lepi in Italy.

Linda Murray Elizabeth Bowes #5/15


Linda Murray SALE Meg Artist Proof Edition of 15 pieces

Cloth doll made with a special technique called shell cloth. Meg is the child in the center of the picture She is Approx.24" tall dressed in peach raw silk dress with straw bonnet.

Perini Venetian Artist Full Porcelain #1/15 Ambra Japanese Beauty Anatomically Correct

Ambra is a RARE full porcelain oriental child with a anatomically correct body. The scultpture of the molding of this child is unlike antyhing done in the artist doll world and Ms. Perini has certainly achieved a place in the best of what porcelain doll art has achieved with this fantastic sculpture. Ambra has a brown human hair wig with brown glas eyes. Beatrice is certainly the best in sculpting artist Asian children.

Princess Diana of Wales #3/10 Crees & Coe

This premier doll figure designed by premier artists Crees & Coe is wearing the replia of the wonderful gown she married in. A nine foot train, billows of tulle and a beautiful bouquet and a tiara veil are just so marvelouly designed. Diana HRH is a memorial to her designed shortly after her tragic death in August of 1998 the artists Crees & Coe deceided to represent her as the story book proncess we wanted to remember her as. Picture this doll on a black baby grand piano. This is the Dianna to rememember not the character portrayed in the news media. # 3 of 10 Guaranteed to be the best one ever produced. CAll to determine cost of shipping this large box with insurance

Russian Wooden handpainted Art Angels 7 Pieces One of A Kind

This beautiful Matruska or Nesting doll as they are sometimes called is 7 pieces. The wooden parts are all hand painted with 24 Kt. Gold leaf paint. The detail is really fine. The angels appear on the largest nests and then as they get smaller the pattern changes to a church and a outdoor scene. The colors are lovely in a pale green with gold. ONE OF A KIND

Russian Wooden Art Handpainted The Saints Nesting Doll 9 piece

Matruska Nesting Doll is 9 nests and very finely painted with saints in exact detailing. There is a different character on each nest. Please email for more info. ONE OF A KIND

Saskia 5" All Bisque Jointed Fairy

Saskia is the artist from South Africa and she has gone to extraordinary lengths to craft this lovely all jointed bisque porcelain fairy with a halo and wings. She has a blonde mohair wig and is ready to come live with you.

Walterhausen SALE Macoer by Hildegard Gunzel

Beautiful 28" Macoer is dressed in a lovely silk peach dress. This adorable blonde has a human hair wig. Her vinly is a product called bigadur looks and feels like procelain. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Walterhausen SALE Piccolina 2 with Redhair by Hildegard Gunzel

Piccolina 2 is a lovely redhaired child with large blue green blown glass eyes. Her beautiful human hair wig is set in pigtails. Dressed in a lovely white raw silk dress with matching sweater she is made of Bigadur a vinyl that looks like porcelain. These dolls are retired I have only 1 or each.

Walterhausen SALE Piccolina by Hildegard Gunzel

Piccolina is 29" tall and a beautiful blonde. She has a human hair wig and big blue blown glass eyes. The vinyl on Walterhausen dolls is a produtcalled Bigadur which looks like porcelain. Her dress is a lovely rare silk and she is just waiting to go to your hometo live.

Walterhausen SALE Sylvia Luise by Hildegard Gunzel

This lovely blonde child stands 28" tall and is made of bigadur a quality vinyl product that looks and feels like porcelain. Dressed in a beautiful print coton ress with matching bonnet this is one of Gunzels best. ONLY ONE

Yvonne Flipse Dutch Artist Flower Fairy Lilly Fairy

This little Lilly Fairy is so perfectly scaled standing only 7" tall this is a new group of fairy children by Yvonne Flipse. Each tiny fairy is maticulously crafted and hand made and even the little clothes and details are thrilling to see. This new series has been especially popular so do not miss out on getting one of these. Nicely priced.

Yvonne Flipse Dutch Artist Pink Flower Fairy SALE

Let your imagaination run away with you as this little character fairy has. She is just so perfect standing 7" high she is the perfect shelf size. This is a new group of fairies each one of a kind made by this lovely Dutch artist. The Flower Fairy is made of paper clay with exquisite detailing on this tiny size.

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