Antique Doll Clothes

Antique Old store stock Pantaloons

These pantaloons measures 6.5" long the waist is 13.5 wide. Perfect for your antique doll. Only limited Quantity do not miss out on these found in warehouse in Brooklyn New York old store stock

1900 Antique Baby Gown for your large Antique German Baby Doll

A lovely example of baby clothes of the early 20th century. This will be great for that special doll. Call for more info Internet Photos do not do justice to the quality of our antique doll clothes.

1900 Antique Baby Gown 24-36" extra long

This will be a great gown to use for an antique baby doll. Fine detailing

1900 Antique Chrisp White Doll Dress in Mint Condition 32"-36"

SOLD This dress is so gorgeous with the inset lace and feather stitching. Will fit 32"-36" doll. Only the best for that perfectly large Bebe.

1900 Antique Doll Dress Size 29"-32" Lace details on Neck and Cuffs

This one is another lovely dress some aging and it is not perfectly white it is more of a pale ecru coloring.But the detail on the neck and cuffs with the beautiful antique lace will make your dolly drool with delight. Fits 29"-32"

1900 Antique Dress for 24-28" Doll Lace bodice detailing

This beautiful dress needs one small repair to the bodice it is a great value for your money a perfect addition for your doll. Beautiful inset lace details Small repair needed to bodice.24-28" size

1900 Antique Exquisite Dress White Embroidered w/ Petticoat 26" 32" Size

Gorgeous Quality Cotton dress with lace, can be used for a Christening gown for a large baby doll or this will also be perfect for that spoiled French doll or Geman Bisque Bebe. 26" size would be for the smallest size doll.

1900 Antique German Bisque Off White Dress w/ Lace Collar & Pin Tucks 32"-39" Doll Size

This amazing dress is so beautiful and perfect for your s great big antique child doll. A special dress for a special Antique doll. Lovely quality antique Dress tiny yellow spot on the front bodice that is why it has been marked down. It does not show in the photo.

1900 Baby Antique Beautiful Gown Extra Long 38"

This beautiful extra long gown will be a great display item for your antique dolls. A full 38" long the window pane designed cotton is different then the common white linen look. ONLY ONE DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE

1900 Baby Exquisite Christening Gown Extra Long Size

This is an Extra Long Baby Christening gown. Great for creating a wonderful display for your doll. This is a beautiful gown and great example of the fine handicraft work done in America in the early 20th century.

1900 Ecru Antique White Dress with Vintage Pin tucks 28-30"

This beautiful dress has it all the wonderful deatails at the neck and the cuffs plus beautiful detailed pin tucks along the hem line. Perfect for your 28 to 30" doll.

1900 era Antique Doll Dress Cotton Muslin w/ Peter Pan collar 28"- 32"

This lovely button up dress has tiny pearl buttons with lovely embroidery lace details on the front of the dress. Great style for your doll as a dress or as a dressing robe. Great for a smaller dolly to use as a nightgown. Fits up to 32"

1900 Era Baby Antique Christening Gown Extra Long

Measures 25" long this will be a fine display gown for your special antique doll.

1900 Exquisite Cotton Baby Gown Lace collar and Cuffs 30" long

Measuring 30" circa 1900 this long this will make a nice display gown for your large antique baby doll. Lace at the Collar and cuffs completes the vintage look of this beautiful gown.

1900 Fine Quality White Antique Dress w/ inset Lace 26"-30"

This is a beautiful antique dress perfect for that spolied dolly. The lace is magnificent and such a perfect example of the superior quaility of Lace in the early 20th century.

1900 White Antique Doll Dress w/ Petticoat 26-28"

This lovely dress has some mionor repairs needed on one arm. Great value for your money this lovely dress has great detailing and tiny pearl buttons. A magnificent dress with details.

1930 Baby Gown Measures 17" long SALE

This ecru Baby dress will be perfect for your composition baby doll. Nice wider shoulder to fit the chubby compo Mama doll body.

1930 Doll Dress 24" size for your Large Baby doll

This lovely antique baby dress will be perfect for that large chubby bodied doll. Nice embroidery details on teh front and collar. 24" size for a big baby dolly

Beautiful Dress Sheer Silk 20-24 Quality Satin Smocked Dress with sash.

This is a real beauty, this dress has wonderful smocking on the bodice with a peterpan collar with sheer silk skirting and a sash in the back. So delicate for that special German or French doll. A beautiful ecur color the tintng of this dress almost lokks like a pale peach.

Big Sister Little Sister Beige Open Weave Sweaters set of 2

The larger sweater measures 7" and the smaller one measures 5"

Big Sister Little Sister Pink Sweater set

The larger pink sweater measures 7" form neck to hem the smaller one measures 5" Sold separately if you like but when do you find a big little set for a pair of dolls or bears. Email for info.

Knit Green or Navy Blue Overall

Perfect for that hard to dress boy doll or a Teddy bear who is tired of being naked. Measures 12" but can be adjusted from the straps to be for a smaller doll or bear. Green color shown

Pink knit Sweater Vest

This sweater vest measures 7" from neck to hem. Perfect for a doll or a vintage teddy

Silk Pajama 2 piece set fits 26"-32"

Aqua or Pink with red details silk pajama set is perfect for both antique and contempory dolls. One of the best sellers for Himstedt dolls. NOTE ON YOUR ORDER IF YOU WANT THE AQUA OR PINK SET.

Silk Pajama Set Fits 28"-36"

This is a lovely 2 piece Chinese Pajama set with red details on the bodice. This will fit your Himstedt doll or even a large German Bisque child. This one is a Himstedt collectors favorite for that large special doll.

Vintage Blue Dress Plaid Pleated dress w/ blouse 16-18" size

Perfect for your german doll this lovely plaid dress with epelets and tiny buttons has wonderful detail. There is a matching bloude with plaid details to match

Vintage Creme Cotton dress Perfecct for your 14-16" doll

This cotton dress is styled like an antique and will be perfefcct for your 14-16 German Bisque Doll.

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